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Airtame is not showing up in list
Last Updated 6 months ago

There are four common reasons this can happen.  

1. TV/Projector is not powered up.

2. Computer/Chromebook is not connected to the correct WIFI (WBISD_Staff or WBISD_Chromebook)

3. Airtame is in use by someone else.

4. Airtame is currently updating.

If the airtame is still not showing up try searching for it by typing in the IP address* displayed on the screen.   For example search for "" in the airtame app.

If you are using a Chromebook there is a chance that you may be trying to connect to a first generation Airtame. Due to its age and how Airtame devices connect to Chromebooks, you will have to install the Airtame Legacy app from the Chrome Web Store to connect. The app can be downloaded here:

* IP address is a number separated by dots in this format (10.XXX.XXX.XXX) it is used to identify computers on the network.

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