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Using Airtame on a chromebook
Last Updated 6 months ago

If this is the first time using Airtame, then you will need the app. 

  1. Get the Chromebook app from this link:

2. Install and open the Airtame app.

3. Make sure you are connected to the school wifi (Not WBISD_Guest)

4. Find your Airtame on the list or by using the search field and typing the IP Address displayed on the TV/Projector (10.21.XXX.XXX)

5. Press "Share screen" or "Share tab".

6. Next enter the PIN Code displayed on the TV/Projector into the chromebook.   This ensures the chromebook is connecting to the correct Airtame.

7. To stream with audio click the audio icon. This will add a 2-second buffer to ensure a smooth streaming experience.

Here is helpful video:

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